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Monday, June 27

are you still selling ipad? i cant seems to find your website.

are you still selling ipad? i cant seems to find your website.

Answer here

Wednesday, October 27

because im too fed up with Blogger,
i'v shifted:

i have super much feel to hang out with my girlfriends lately,
and do the really girlfriend stuffs?

dining at a posh hotel wearing our super sexy and glamarous dress:

sit by the stairs to just gossip and chat:

always ever ready to take pictures,
even the funny ones:

taking photographs with theme:

always sharing personal life (including scandals) with each other,
NO secret, NO lie:

even better,
enjoying the sun tgoether!

not forgetting,
SHOPPING together!!

my most desperate wish,
to go overseas together! (:

and even if we were to have dispute or fights,

we will still be there for one another,

walking down each oher's lives hand in hand,

and be the
bestest friends forever!!

together with each a CUTE and DELICIOUS man!
i want Nate!
he's damn hot!

Sunday, October 24

my current follow:




Tuesday, October 19

can you help me, please?
please place a vote for the following bag,
cause i dont know which to buy.
tho i already have the ideal one in mind. HEE!

Which bag suits me more?

say ALL so Jerry can buy me all! :D

Thursday, October 14

tired morning from the 3hrs of sleep last night.
how many time do i have to remind myself TO SLEEP MORE?!
hais, stupid distraction!!

yesterday was fun.
favourite pastime - Singing.
everything was just perfect.

as usual,
i brought my very CHUI camera out.
i always bring out, but dont take pictures...
mainly because the images keep bluryyyy (WHO CAN HELP ME?!!!),
and next is of cos of my complexion!

anyway, these are some of the better ones WHICH are NOT deleted by PL..


thanks for everything girls.
love you both..

Tuesday, October 12

had a tiff with B on saturday.
and till today,
i still think that his demands are kinda "overboard".

the thing is,
we hardly get to meet each other now..
say one week once?
from the massive 4-5 meet up to 1 week once,
its alot for a girl to take okay?

anyway, so yar.
we finally get to meet up on saturday for movie @ tiong.
but no one would ever know the "finally meet up" would triggered this quarrel.

i was the one who flared up lar.
totally because i think he is not spending his time,
quality-ly ENOUGH with me lar.
he just KEPT making phone calls (more than 1 is already pural) in the midst of our conversation.
the 1st time, i forgive him.
but the 2nd one, i totally cant take it anymore.

it totally made me feel like a retard?
like you are talking to someone,
 then suddenly the person started singing.
isn't it totally like WTH?!

so i showed my unhappiness.
and he tried to coax me.
but in the end, he also flared up cos he feels that i made him an idiot,
cos he talk to me but i never reply.

and thats where the massive fight begins..

kinda lame.
but, sometimes it feels good to have a little fight here and there.
it does helps to boooooast one's relationship.
really, it does.
cos i'll be treated like a new born baby everytime after quarrel.
i mean,
the honey always comes back after the bee sucked all of it right?
same goes to relationship ahs.
after each dispute,
both will know how to treasure and treat each other better.

and also,
you will start to know ALL THE THINGS your partner kept in their hearts?
you are actually NOT UNDERSTANING,
NOT ENCOURAGING of his career etc.
right, B?    (:

its not like always they will be THAT honest right?
cause most of them they will only say.
"i love you",
"you are the perfect one",
"you are everything i needed",
"i love all the flaws of yours" bla bla bla.
its only then you will know,
actually you have soooooooo muchhhhhhh good points!

and it doesnt help if your partner continued with this sentence:

"Actually if you dont get angry, we will NOT have any fight."
"Actually if you dont get angry, we will NOT have any fight."
"Actually if you dont get angry, we will NOT have any fight."

shutup, asshole B!